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1. Can I order less than 45 picks with prints?
No. The minimum order must be at least equal to 45 picks.

2.Why are picks so cheap?
Our product is so cheap, because we do all possible in order to reduce production costs and at the same time we maintain the highest quality of the materials and graphic print. Thanks to that, by submitting an order which will be equal or exceed 100 picks we can lower the costs of the special graphic.

3.How can I make an order?
On this web site, you will find the “order now” button in several places. If you are interested in placing an order, you have to click on that button, which will redirect you to the order form. You have to fill it out and than send it to us. On the order form, you will also find the instructions, how to fill it out correctly. In case of any problems, please contact us directly via email.

4.Can I split my order into several different colors and thicknesses of the pick?
Yes. In the majority of the bands, there is more than one guitarist, who plays with different kind of picks. Therefore you are able to split your order into 4 parts, and for each part define its thickness and color. However, the artwork and the ink color have to stay the same for each part.

5.How can I split the order into several parts?
You can do it easily with our order form. We tried to formulate the form in that way, so you can fill it out intuitionally, therefore splitting the order shall not cause any problems. In the case of any troubles, on the order form you will find detailed instruction, how to fill it out.

6.Are there any other shapes of the picks, than the one offered on the web site?
Unfortunately not. However, we are working very intensive in order to brightener our offer regarding various shapes and materials.

7.How can I check the quality of your picks and prints?
Just order the samples!

8.Are the prints durable?
Yes, the prints are durable; however, as is the case of all picks, the graphic might slightly go away after long time of use. In our manufacturing process, we are using the highest quality of ink and print; therefore we offer the maximum of its durable. We constantly improve our techniques, bearing in mind our clients, and their desire to posses picks with they own graphics as long as possible.

9.How long does it take to receive an order?
All orders will be fulfilled within maximum 14 days after ordering date. In this time frame, you can be assured that the picks will be in your postbox. This period is a maximum waiting time. The majority of orders is ready and delivered in the shorter time frame.

10.I have paid for the order yesterday. Can I cancel it?
Unfortunately the cancelation of an order is impossible. The preparation for the graphic print on the picks is usually submitted just after receiving the payment, which enables us to cancel the order.

11.I have ordered the picks but I have not paid for them yet. Can I cancel the order?
Of course! In this case, we will appreciate the information about the cancelation which will help us in the further process.

12.Can I order less than 45 picks?
Unfortunately not. 45 picks are still minimum to be ordered.

13.Can I order blank picks?
We do not sell blank picks. You can only purchase picks with prints.