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All prints are one color only (black, white,  red, blue)

The maximum period for fulfillment of an order equals 14 days.
The minimum order has to be equal to 45 picks. We realized orders in fixed quantities which can be seen in the price chart. In the case of larger orders, the one-pick costs drops, therefore they are financially more attractive. For further details, please visit out price chart. All kinds of picks are in the same price.
Price list

Quantity 45 100 200 400 600 800
One-side print 22€ 32€ 50€ 87€ 120€ 144€
Two sides-print 34€ 47€ 75€ 122€ 166€ 199€

The order will be delivered with registered letter.

The prints on the picks will be made in one color ink. All picks in the order has to have the same print color.

Please don’t forget about shipping costs - 6€.

Splited order
In one order, you can purchase picks made out of various materials, colors and thickness. If you are interested in splitting your order, you have to copy order form as many times, as many different sets you would like to receive. Be sure, that the order equals to 45 picks, 100 picks, or multiplier of 100. The order might be split to maximum 4 parts.

The graphic must be black placed on white background.
Do not use any gray colors.
We accept following formats:  EPS, SVG, and JPG
All fonts must be converted to curves.
We do not accept graphics in WORD.

Order form:
If you would like to purchase picks, you need to place an order by sending (nologopicks@gmail.com) email to us with the graphic you want to have on your picks with the following information:
Color:……………………… (black, white, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet)
Thickness:…………………(0,6mm; 0,73mm; 0,88mm; 1,00mm; 1,14mm; 1,5mm; 2mm.)
Ink color:………………….(black, white, red, blue, pink, violet, green, yellow, orange, gold, silver)
Delivery address

Copy above form and send it to us via email on nologopicks@gmail.com

We accept payments via bank transfer or PayPal system.
You will receive all details concerning payments in the email confirming the order.